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Standard services for all our guests


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General Information & Facilities

Check-in / Check-out
  • Check in when you want, but your bed will be available from 15:00
  • Check-out before time 11:00
  • Reception is open between 7:00 am - 2 am. If you are arriving later please send us an email before your arrival.
  • You can pay cash, card and by paypal
  • Contact us if you have any questions.
Included With Stay
  • All beds are made and ready with clean linen
  • Wi-fi
  • Bar entry and more
Luggage Storage
  • There are no lockers available; however, you can store your luggage on shelves at your own risk. We advise taking any valuables with you.
  • You can store small luggage inside the Capsule as it has a secure digital lock.
Food & Drink
  • While we don't have a bar or restaurant, feel free to bring your own takeaway food and drinks to enjoy in your room or the outside courtyard.
Courtyard & Nyhavn
  • Enjoy the sun in our lovely courtyard
  • You can smoke in the courtyard
  • For the sake of our neighbours – the rest of the courtyard is ONLY for passing through
  • Beside the colourful Nyhavn canels and old port 
Bike Rental
  • With us you find the cheapest rental bikes in Copenhagen. We have a fleet of brand new bikes for rent just ask in the reception.
  • The parking on the street is paid per hour. Buy the ticket in machines on the street. Alternatively find a parking house in the outskirts of Copenhagen.
Tap Water
  • All tap water in Copenhagen is clean and can be consumed.