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Experience Denmark's first capsule hotel


Single private capsules

Discover a new way to stay with our cozy private single capsules – a one-of-a-kind blend of personal space, affordability, and a fantastic city vibe. Our single capsules are not just a place to crash; it's your own comfortable corner in the heart of the city. Picture this: a small, comfy space designed just for you, offering the perfect mix of solitude and roominess. It's your retreat after a day of adventures – private, peaceful, and uniquely yours. Affordability is the name of the game. We believe you deserve a great stay without burning a hole in your wallet. So, our single capsules are not just a smart choice; it's a pocket-friendly one too.

And let's talk location – right where the action is. Nestled in the heart of the city, our capsules give you easy access to the city's heartbeat. Whether you're a solo wanderer or a curious soul, our capsules are your ticket to a personal, affordable, and city-centric experience.Dive into a new kind of hospitality – reserve your spot and enjoy a personalized mix of comfort, budget-friendliness, and city excitement.

Private Double Room
Shared Shower & Toilets


The capsules provide access to shared bathroom and toilet facilities in the hallway. Each capsule is equipped with modern amenities for your comfort. Additionally, we offer free Wi-Fi, ensuring you stay connected with work or communicate with loved ones.

Double Private Capsule

The future of accommodation: Private Double Capsule - the perfect combination of privacy, price, and location!

Are you looking for the latest and most innovative form of accommodation? Our Private Double Capsule is the answer to your desires! We have carefully designed this modern concept to provide you with both privacy and ample space while enjoying the best location in town.

Private Double Capsule

See the hotel information for full list of facilities and our opening and closing hours. If you have any questions please contact us.