Tourism in Copenhagen


What to do in Copenhagen

There are many things to do in Copenhagen. This list is just a small selection of our recommendations. Get updated information daily on Visitcopenhagen, aok and ibyen

The city of bikes

Copenhagen is the epitome of a bike city. More than 50% of Copenhageners use bicycles as their primary transportation. There are more bikes in the city than people! If you really want to experience Copenhagen, then you should do it from a bike. The city is filled with both green routes (PDF) and cycling routes (PDF).

At Bedwood Hostel our bike mechanic brings fresh bikes for us every day. It is often much faster to bike than to take the bus and metro and of course it's also much cheaper and greener. Just ask us – we also have free city maps and from April to August renting a bike gets you a free guided cycle tour. Let the staff at Bedwood Hostel help you.


  • Running or walking
  • The waterfront* – Sunrise, water and fresh air
  • Skuespilhuset* – Modern architecture and a good opportunity to sit on the wharf and enjoy the sun
  • Amalienborg og amaliehaven* - Here lives our Queen, from the garden there is a fantastic view of the Opera House
  • Kastellet* - Part of Copenhagen's old fortifications, a lovely green oasis used by many locals for jogging and recreation
  • King's garden - Nice park with fine small summer palace and usually lots of locals on blankets on the grass with a beer and picnic basket
  • Botanical garden - Another one of Copenhagen's really nice and cozy parks, definitely worth a visit
  • Breakfast at Bedwood Hostel** - 100% organic and maybe the best breakfast buffet in Copenhagen at a price far below the surrounding deals


  • Kanalrundfart** – A relaxing way to get an overview of and information about the history of Copenhagen
  • Glyptoteket*** – A stunning art collection of Carlsberg's Carl Jacobsen (Wednesdays admission is free)
  • State Museum of Art*** - Modern art museum with varying exhibitions
  • Christiansborg castle and garden*
  • Round Tower** – A unique round church tower built by King Christian IX
  • Christiania* – You know it and it IS worth a visit
  • The Royal Cast Collection
  • Walk in Nyhavn, along the waterfront and in the Old Town
  • Chill in our common room before going out for a drink
  • Ice - Eat an ice cream in Nyhavn - we recommend Rajissimo their ice cream and service is formidable (ask for discount coupons at the bar)
  • If you really have to, The Little Mermaid is also quite nearby


  • Lidkoeb **** – Smart and posh and really good cocktails. Alternatively, go on Ruby, which is somewhat closer to Bedwood
  • Boltens gård – One of the places attracting 'younger crowds'
  • Kødbyen (meat packing district) *** – Lots of trendy bars and cafes
  • Café Bopa*** – Cozy bar where locals hang out
  • Understellet*** – Smokey genuine tavern atmosphere
  • Stefans hus** – Cozy cheap bar, mixed crowd and good opportunity to play darts, table football and pool / billiards
  • Tivoli **** - Beautiful after dark and there are concerts every Friday throughout the summer